Estate Planning

Do I Need a Trust?

Published in Estate Planning on April 17, 2018

Clients who are looking to do estate planning commonly ask questions like – “Do I have enough assets to need a trust?” and “Are we too young to need a trust?”  This brief article is intended to address these common questions.   The answer to these questions, as you might expect, will differ from state to state. In Missouri, you generally… READ MORE

5 Tips for Preparing For Your First Estate Planning Appointment

Published in Estate Planning on February 7, 2017

1) Come with questions.  Most clients haven’t been through situations to become familiar with estate planning concepts.  Don’t be ashamed that you don’t understand what a trust is, how it works, who is in charge, etc. Many people believe a will is sufficient to avoid probate, which is not the case — a will merely directs the probate process.  A… READ MORE

Why Everyone Needs to do Estate Planning

Published in Estate Planning on November 7, 2016

No matter who you are, what assets you own, and who you want to be the beneficiaries of your estate, you need to do some estate planning. Some people don’t need much help to accomplish their objectives, while others need a lot of assistance in accomplishing theirs. The methods that are best for you will vary depending upon who you… READ MORE