Springfield Truck Accident Attorney

At Douglas, Haun & Heidemann, PC, our Bolivar and Springfield truck accident attorneys represent passenger vehicle drivers, passengers, and truck drivers in all truck-related accidents. We handle cases involving 18-wheelers, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, construction trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

Commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds with a full load. In comparison, passenger vehicles weigh 2,000 to 5,000 pounds. These weight discrepancies largely contribute to the dangerous nature of truck accidents. At Douglas, Haun & Heidemann, PC, our truck accident lawyers represent passenger vehicle drivers, passengers, and truck drivers in all truck-related accidents. Our Springfield personal injury lawyers take on all cases involving 18-wheelers, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, construction trucks, other commercial vehicles, and wrongful death lawsuits.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck drivers must complete numerous hours before receiving a commercial driver’s license, and some companies require additional training before they let employees get on the road. These professional drivers must use a higher degree of care on the roadways than the average passenger vehicle driver. Although the industry is highly regulated, some truck drivers still engage in dangerous driving behaviors that precipitate accidents.

Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Human error – Truck drivers and other drivers on the road often engage in dangerous driving behaviors that cause accidents.
    • Truck drivers may feel the need to stretch themselves thin to achieve faster delivery times. Drowsy driving impairs a driver’s ability to identify hazards and react appropriately, and may affect both truck and passenger drivers’ behaviors.
    • Driving drunk, distracted, or on medication can contribute to serious truck accidents.
    • Passenger vehicle drivers may swerve in front of trucks, failing to provide the driver with adequate time or space to stop.
  • Truck defects – Some truck accidents occur without a truck ever stopping. A malfunctioning part may fly out from under the trailer and collide with another vehicle at force. These accidents have caused impalements, head trauma, and multi-vehicle collisions.
  • Loading errors – Some drivers load their own trucks, but others simply pick up a trailer and take it on the road. When companies fail to load a trailer properly, the risk of an accident increases. The wobbling occurrence known as fishtailing may indicate trailer imbalances.

Determining Fault in a Truck Accident

Professional driver accidents differ from other vehicle accidents, because the industry is highly regulated and trucking company structures vary. A truck driver, his or her employer, a logistics company, mechanics, or a freight loading company may all bear some responsibility for a trucking accident.

Trucking companies often start internal investigations immediately after an accident occurs. Unfortunately, these companies may hide or destroy important evidence to remove or diminish their own liability. Anyone involved in such an accident should consult a truck accident attorney as quickly as possible. Your attorney will protect your rights and ability to pursue a lawsuit if necessary. Our firm conducts independent investigations into truck incidents, so that we can uncover any trucking industry violations as well as the negligent behaviors that may contribute to an accident.

In addition to determining liability, our truck accident lawyers can also represent you in front of insurance adjustors who want to minimize or delay benefits payouts. Our team is committed to helping injury victims in any way we can. From finding qualified medical support to representing you in front of bill collectors, we believe that accident victims should worry only about recovering.

Finding a Truck Accident Attorney in Springfield, Mo.

When you look for a commercial truck accident attorney, you need a firm that has experience with your type of case. Your attorney should understand commercial carrier regulations, state laws, and trucking industry liability issues. At Douglas, Haun & Heidemann, P.C., you can count on qualified attorneys who have a history of success in representing individuals who suffer in any accident, on the job or off.

After a trucking accident, you deserve fair compensation to cover the costs of your injury, lost income, and pain and suffering. For more information about our approach to truck accident cases, contact our Springfield office today.