Commercial Law

Missouri’s Lemon Law

Published in Commercial Law on December 6, 2017

The excitement of buying a new car can quickly sour if you discover that the car has significant mechanical problems. Repeated trips to the dealer or to the mechanic can leave a new car owner wondering what to do. Thankfully, Missouri (and many other states) has passed legislation to protect consumers who get stuck with defective vehicles. This law, commonly… READ MORE

Tenancy by the Entirety: Extra Creditor Protection for Married Couples

Published in Commercial Law on December 2, 2016

It is not common for anyone to incur a debt that they cannot pay on purpose. All it takes is a little bad luck, and debts can begin to pile up fast.  When you find yourself subjected to creditors and collections, are there any additional creditor protections available for married couples? In Missouri, the answer is “yes,” but only for… READ MORE