Springfield Electric Shock Lawyer

People who come into contact with raw electricity experience electric shock injuries. Electrocutions are one of the construction industry’s fatal four accidents. Electric shock accidents are largely preventable. When someone’s negligence causes an electricity-related injury, you have the right to pursue legal action against him or her.

At Douglas, Haun & Heidemann, PC, our attorneys have seen how electric shock injuries affect individuals. Some people die instantly from electrocution, and others may suffer devastating and life-changing injuries. Our firm represents construction workers and non-construction individuals who suffer in electric shock-related accidents.

Injuries Associated with Electric Shock

Depending on the type of current and the pathways that current takes through the body, electrocution injuries range from minor burns to life-threatening tissue damage. Any electric shock higher than 500 volts can cause serious injury.

Primary electric shock injuries include burns, broken bones, vision loss, organ damage, and spinal injuries. In addition to these immediate symptoms, individuals may also suffer secondary injuries. For instance, exposed tissue from burn injuries can increase the risk of infection. Broken bones and spinal injuries can increase the risk of blood clots. If these secondary injuries are directly related to the primary injury (i.e., not caused by a physician’s malpractice or another condition), an injured individual may pursue action for the extent of the compounded injury experience.

Construction-Related Electrocution Accidents

While regulations dictate safety standards for electrical wiring, accidents still happen. Failing to ground a source of electricity properly, leaving wiring unprotected, or failing to cut power to a work area before starting to work can all contribute to a serious accident. In areas with high-voltage power sources, forgetting to take recommended safety precautions could result in a loss of life.

When we accept construction-related electric shock accidents, we help our clients with every legal aspect of a case. We can help you find qualified medical support, obtain fair benefits from your workers’ compensation insurance, and file lawsuits against any negligent party involved in the accident. Our team will pursue action against employers, defective product manufacturers, and other third parties to prevent further injuries from occurring and to secure the best possible financial outcome for our clients.

Non-Construction Electrocution Accidents

Non-construction electric shock accidents can also cause serious harm. Today, we use electrical devices all the time. Household appliances, vehicles, and technological devices can all cause serious harm if they malfunction. In these cases, we may file a claim against a product manufacturer. If an electrician or construction worker working inside your home carelessly leaves exposed electricity hazards, the individual or company may share responsibility for your injury. Property owners may face responsibility for any unaddressed electrical hazards on their properties.

Securing Damages in Electric Shock Accident Cases

After an electric shock injury, you may have trouble resuming work. A child may lose the ability to reach his or her earning potential. In the most serious accidents, individuals may suffer from disfigurement or extreme loss of quality of life. Some families will never fully recover from a loved one’s death. At Douglas, Haun & Heidemann, PC, we understand the impacts an electric shock incident can have on an injured individual and his or her family.

In addition to insurance compensation, individuals may secure compensation to cover:

  • Medical costs associated with the injury including travel, hospital stays, exams, prescriptions, and surgeries
  • Lost wages and future income
  • Emotional and physical pain and suffering

This compensation can help you reach maximum recovery so you can move past an accident and get on with your life. Allow us to help you pursue justice, find closure, and start to heal. For more information about our electric shock accident practice, please reach out to our Springfield, Mo., office today.