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Our experienced worker’s compensation lawyers are intimately familiar with Missouri’s worker’s compensation laws and are ready to guide you through the claim process. If you are injured on the job, your only remedy may be through worker’s compensation. Chapter 287 of Missouri’s Revised Statutes provides the exclusive remedy for workers injured on the job to obtain benefits from their employers such as medical care, temporary wage benefits and permanent disability benefits. Our attorneys are prepared to handle every aspect of your claim including filing a claim, obtaining medical benefits, obtaining temporary disability payments, and obtaining permanent disability benefits whether you are partially or totally disabled from your work injury. Our lawyers prepare every case as if it is heading to trial. This means our lawyers will be particularly prepared to advise you when a settlement offer from your employer or its insurer is fair and reasonable or when it is necessary to take your case to a hearing before an administrative law judge at the Missouri Division of Labor. This also means you can rest assured your attorneys at Douglas, Haun & Heidemann, P.C. are prepared heading into trial, if it is necessary.

Our worker’s compensation and injury lawyers can help you navigate complex on-the job injuries

At Douglas, Haun & Heidemann, P.C., our moto is “Justice from every angle,” and we incorporate that attitude into our worker’s compensation practice. Our lawyers take a unique approach to evaluating worker’s compensation claims to make sure you know your rights and who should be held responsible for your work injury. If you are injured on the job by a third-party, our attorneys are uniquely situated to advise you on the appropriate courses of action for your claim including whether to file a worker’s compensation claim, whether you can file a civil lawsuit against an at-fault third-party, and how receiving benefits under a worker’s compensation claim will impact your third-party civil suit. If a third-party is responsible for your work injury, our injury lawyers are prepared to pursue your third-party claim as well as your work comp claim.

Having extensive experience working with injured clients, our lawyers are prepared to represent you in cases where your injuries may not be clear-cut or have complex or multiple injury mechanisms. Our lawyers have developed relationships with expert medical professionals who can evaluate your injury within the context of Missouri’s worker’s compensation laws when your employer disputes that work caused your injury or the extent of your disability. We are also prepared to identify and work with experts that might be required to provide guidance and testify in a variety of areas that may be necessary to prove a disputed claim. Our lawyers will look at every angle of your claim to help maximize the value of your claim and, ultimately, your recovery.

Why should i hire a worker’s compensation attorney

Missouri’s worker’s compensation law provides a “no-fault” scheme for workers to recover benefits when injured on the job regardless of whether the employer is at fault. However, because an employee’s entitlement to worker’s compensation benefits is governed by Chapter 287 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, there are numerous statutory requirements an employee must meet to qualify for compensation. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the statutory requirements and are prepared to advise you on, and help you meet, those requirements. Our lawyers can advise you when you are entitled to medical benefits, when you are entitled to temporary disability benefits, and when you are entitled to permanent benefits. If your employer is not willing to offer those benefits to you, our lawyers are prepared to take the steps necessary to obtain those benefits for you including, hiring medical experts to testify about your injury and taking your case to a hearing in front of an administrative law judge who can order your employer to provide you with those benefits you qualify for under Chapter 287.

Once you have settled your worker’s compensation claim, you may be precluded from obtaining additional benefits in the future. As a result, having an attorney to advise you of your rights is imperative to making sure you do not miss out on the benefits you are entitled to receive. Under certain circumstances, your employer may offer you a money settlement early on in your claim that might seem like a good deal. However, if you have not yet received all the medical treatment necessary to relieve the effects of your work injury before accepting the “deal” offered by your employer, the medical bills for subsequent treatment may eat up all that money. Your health insurance company may refuse to pay for treatment on a work-related injury if you have already settled your worker’s compensation claim. Our attorneys can help make sure you receive all the benefits you qualify for under Chapter 287.

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